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Using a structure similar to that used by law firms, Glacex LLP is building the world's largest global strategic consultancy and Intelligence resource with the greatest geographical reach, using a combination of journalists, data journalists and business people drawn from a diverse range of disciplines to provide proactive chargeable intelligence to clients. Glacex LLP members can be drawn from any sector, any discipline, any country. 

Our strategy is to maximise revenue earning capability for Glacex LLP partners (members) and external associates. We will achieve this by monetising Glacex LLP participants’ intellectual capital, experience and expertise to provide clients with actionable intelligence, using investigative journalists, data journalists and journalists (both internal and external) to conduct primary face to face research and secondary (desk based) research to obtain the information needed to enable Glacex LLP's partners to author the actionable intelligence reports for which our clients are paying us. 

Glacex LLP is a multi-national, autonomous, regulated - self-regulating with its own rules and principles, supervised and enforced by its executive management committee, verified, intelligence network, providing a genuinely global strategic perspective on things that matter. Its USP (Unique Selling Point) is simple: its actionable intelligence reports will bring the right information, derived from the right places, delivered to clients at the right time, answering questions posed in their initial brief. 

Glacex LLP is also involved in project funding: its internal members/partners and external associates can originate projects seeking funding and present them to our secretariat using the appropriate forms. External members act as introducers receiving a success fee of circa ten basis points (10 bps, or 1/10 of 1%) when a transaction successfully closes. Glacex LLP equity partners will share 25% of the fee pot which will be set by the Glacex lLP executive management team in consultation with the Glacex LLP member.

Knowledge, Contacts and Information are Ultimate Power

Glacex LLP's stakeholders will build a substantial global network of trusted parties. Each person successfully inviting ten parties to Glacex LLP will enable us to build the network quickly, effectively and efficiently. By using this structured, yet random approach, Glacex LLP will have a genuinely representative mix of nationalities, sexes, ethnicities, skills, experience and expertise, drawn from all parts of the world. Below you can see how quickly we can grow a network of over 100,000 people.

People, not money, make the world go round. According to data from the World Bank, worldwide GDP was $73.44 trillion in 2015, the figure is expected to be a little higher in 2016. To help clients capture an increasing  share of this market, we are building a very substantial organisation as quickly as possible, using all of the tools available at our collective disposal.  We anticipate billing out partner time to clients at up to $2,000 per hour. Interested in becoming a Glacex LLP partner? Fill in the form below. 

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