Private Project Finance

A core part of GLACEX's work is creating competitive, off market, off balance sheet finanical solutions for private sector projects. We are geography and sector agnostic, and enter into agreements as both debt and equity investors. Our basic requirements are:

  1. The project must be fit for purpose (i.e. no vanity projects);
  2. The de minimis investment is $100m;
  3. The counterparty seeking finance must have significant financial skin in the game.

If you would like GLACEX to consider your project, please use our contact form to request an NDA. Once this has been signed by both parties, we will be able to discuss the basic details of your project and its funding requirements with you.

If your project is of interest to GLACEX, we will issue a high level offer to the project's named decision maker for them to read, sign, and return. Detailed negotiations then take place face to face in London, with both parties' lawyers present.

When the contracts have been agreed and signed, GLACEX will establish a project-specific SPV in an approved jurisdiction and issue an investment memorandum to the GLACEX investor panel. The counterparty will deposit their bank guarantee or cash seed (see How We Work) into the SPV account. This is the condition precendent which makes GLACEX's investors' non-binding investment pledges binding, and they therefore deposit liquid funds into the SPV account.

Funds are drawn down from the main project SPV account into in-country project accounts, or paid directly to contractors, as per the project's agreed drawdown schedule.