How Glacex Works

Glacex has one simple rule:  Information provided must be genuine and accurate

Glacex functions just like a Stock Exchange, such as the London Stock Exchange (, providing an efficient marketplace, well regulated by its members. Glacex functions as an orderly market, maintained by one simple rule and through guidance and the monitoring of activity between members. As and when required, Glacex will issue Notices to disseminate amendments to its rules and governance. 

Glacex's primary aim is to provide Investors, Mediators and Businesses with an attractive, efficient, effective and self-regulated market in which to realise Finance. Each transaction Glacex facilitates is specific and unique and will be governed by legally binding contracts to protect the interests of all parties.

Using a highly principled approach, Glacex is an unregulated, private, member only, online exchange which helps businesses quickly locate Finance from the increasing number of Funders on its Investor Panel. (Please click here to view further information on our principles). 

Powering Glacex is the ADD Platform, a very sophisticated Distributed Decisioning Platform (Please click here to view further information on the ADD Platform and click here for a more detailed explanation on the underlying technology) . 

The Glacex Investor Panel contains organisations such as Venture Capital companies, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), Private Equity companies and Banks.

If you wish to enter into a Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement, please click the NDA tab and fill in your details.