What is the ADD Platform?

The Autonomous Distributed Decisioning Platform looks at things differently from its competitors (Oracle, SAP, IBM, Fair Isaac etc) who are developing ever more complex software, accessible via a growing number of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), designed to provide a consistent experience to computer software programmers and end users. These competitors, in the main, use high level programming languages, which are both time consuming and expensive to maintain, their main benefit being the capability to generate many machine instructions from a single statement.

The ADD Platform, conversely, uses low level programming techniques, akin to assembler language. It is like a baby’s brain, hungry for knowledge, adaptable and highly versatile. We teach it the rules, from which it learns, evolving into a full adult brain over time. During our scoping stage, we identify and agree outcomes, distilling the intelligence gleaned into a format that the ADD Platform can work with.

How does the ADD Platform work?

The ADD Platform slices and dices the bodies of information down into smaller, simple parts, drilling down and examining them from different viewpoints and establishing intelligent connections between this information, outputting reports so that the GLACEX team can understand their business - and the numerous, growing connections - better. The ADD Platform builds highly complex solutions, establishing multitudinous intelligent links between these simple parts, enabling real-time decision- making.

The ADD Platform operates like a Mandelbrot set, revealing progressively ever-finer recursive detail at increasing magnifications, generating a complex structure arising from the application of simple rules, effectively a mathematical visualization of the SPV enterprise.

How does the ADD Platform work technically?

The ADD Platform does not directly interact with, or impact on any external IT systems, rather it takes a clone of relevant data at agreed points. The ADD Platform utilizes highly sophisticated and complex business rules capabilities to provide a fully automated, highly scalable, time and cost efficient/effective capability, which will act as a significant, potentially insurmountable, barrier to entry for third parties. A deployment example:

To provide a data integration and consolidation piece, using data provided to produce an output file, which it then sends to the relevant counter-parties.

How does the ADD Platform work commercially?

Bond Asian Ventures Limited owns the software Intellectual Property which constitutes the ADD Platform, which it has licensed to GLACEX, which owns the rulesets which are created and processed on the ADD Platform.