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Bond Asian Ventures Limited

Bond Asian Ventures Limited (BAV), a privately held entity, was established 24 years ago as a facilitator of technology transfers and investments between the West and the East, operating from Hong Kong and London. It is not a hedge fund. Its experience in funding transactions has created a unique approach to de-risking projects and facilitating fair investment deals.

Previous investments have largely been in start-up funding of projects and their related intellectual property. BAV provides consulting and specialised interim operations for investment-related projects and is involved in strategic corporate consulting for mergers and acquisitions, other corporate restructuring, buyout and funding/financing transactions.

BAV created Glacex (the Global Autonomous Commercial Exchange) to match projects needing funds with suitable professional investors in a way that minimises risk, maximises prospects of success, and promotes the fairness of the deal. Speed of response and decisions is another key characteristic. The process depends on a paced build-up of review, due diligence, and investee commitment.

Glacex investments are typically off market and off balance sheet, and hence treated in strict confidentiality. We are, however, able to disclose the following sample investments:

Country/Region Amount ($) Sector
Eastern Europe 80m Retail
Southern Europe 120m Healthcare
USA 250m Oil & Gas
USA 50m IT

The registered address of BAV is Suite 1104, Crawford House, 70 Queen's Road, Hong Kong. In the UK, GLACEX LLP is registered as company no. OC402352.

Core Team

The Glacex core team consists of specialists in financial transactions, business innovation, quality standards, and financial IT, amounting to intensive and exhaustive relevant experience. Core team members include:

Tony Clark: With a background in UK military communications, IT security, and commodity trading, Tony is a serial innovator and network builder.

Majid Dawood: Majid is the founder of Yasaar Capital, a pioneer in Islamic finance products, and a Shariah compliance adviser to the FTSE 100

Greg Duffell: An entrepreneur for three decades, Greg is a leader in the travel and tourism and sectors, especially in Asia Pacific and the Gulf.

Ryan Godridge: After decades in the banking industry, Ryan, as chief engineer, created a leading- edge systems company with unparalleled, high-performance solutions for financial services.

Sophie Ibbotson: Sophie has 10 years’ experience in investment promotion, project finance, andeconomic policy, working internationally with both public and private sector organisations.

Steve Winfield: A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Steve has over 25 years of exposure to the UK and European financial services arena with specialism in commercial and residential lending, major corporate development projects, and distressed assets.